The Worst Witch in 3 days

10:00am - 4:00pm

Kind-hearted, but accident-prone Mildred Hubble is probably the worst witch ever to attend Miss Cackle’s Academy: her spells go wrong, her broomstick breaks, and she turns Ethel, the teacher’s pet, into a pig!


The staff are all unimpressed and she is creating a bad name for herself. After embarrassing the school on Halloween night, Mildred runs away. She stumbles across a coven of bad witches and discovers a plot against the school; can she save the day?


Written exclusively for children aged 8-14 based on the novel by Jill Murphy. This musical adaptation explores the crazy world of Mildred Hubble and her fellow witches. Come and join us for a week of dancing, singing, acting, and lots of fun! The Worst Witch will be performed by the group on Friday 17th August at 3.30pm.


Workshop held at:

Beenham Primary School

Mt Pleasant


Reading RG7 5NN